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Welcome to the SEG Student Chapter at the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology.  On this webpage you will find current information on happenings of the student chapter, pictures of past SEG sponsored events and future events.


SD Board of Regents Award for Academic Excellence

The SDSM&T SEG Student Chapter was presented with the South Dakota Board of Regents Award for Academic Excellence for student organizations at the Annual Honors Ceremony at SDSM&T on March 23, 2004.  The award recognizes the chapter's involvement in conducting a weekly seminar series, sponsoring field trips to mines for students, marketing of Homestake rock suites to universities around the world, and providing outreach services in school classrooms in the Rapid City area.  Chris Pellowski (President of the SDSM&T chapter) received the award on behalf of the chapter from SDSM&T President Charles Ruch (see photo).



The closing of the historic Homestake Gold Mine near Lead, South Dakota brought an end to one of the world's greatest gold deposits.  From 1875 until it's closure in 2001, Homestake produced 40 million ounces of gold, a truly remarkable deposit.  In an effort to continue the memory and the great teaching resource this mine provided, our student chapter is providing to the public a set of Homestake rock suites.  This set of rocks includes all formations within the Homestake gold mine.  For more information about ordering, look here.



SDSM&T Geology, Geological Engineering, and Paleontology students are available to visit your classroom to give geology and geology-related presentations. If you are a teacher in the Rapid City area and are interested in a presentation, contact Andrew Armstrong

See the latest SEG Presentation to Children's House Montessori School in Rapid City, SD.




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